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“If you want your money then come to me first because I’m your best option!”

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Shaun and his team are the ultimate professionals when it comes to getting your money back.

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A few words from Shaun

"I’m more of a mediator as opposed to an enforcer. Clients who come to me have often exhausted all other avenues. You could say I’m often the last resort. I’ve had clients who have lost everything; come to me in tears. They have spent all of their spare cash on solicitors fees, court fees and other debt collection agencies and still couldn’t get back what was rightfully theirs."

"I want it to be known that people should choose me as their first resort. With the experience I have and the network of people around me, it makes me one of the top if not the top debt specialist. Clients can expect that the ex-police officers, ex-military, surveillance experts, computer experts, security and dog specialists will all be on their side. They can believe me when I say that I take it personal when I track and get back what is rightly owed for my clients."

"I’ve travelled the world for my clients; one whom was from Germany who had a debt owed to him worth £7 million. The UK has its fair share of large amount owing to them too. I’ve had clients who have had £2 million and £3.4 million owing to them"

"I’ve been asked what I else I do or have done. Without going into detail for obvious reasons, I have looked after celebrities and premier league sports stars and managers; taking them to and from events as well as other locations."

"If you want your money then come to me first because I’m your best option!"

Shaun Smith.

Shauns Book

Shaun Smith lives in a world few of us ever see. It’s a world where the normal rules don’t apply, where people desperate for help reach out to someone they know can deliver. If someone owes you money and they are in the wrong then Shaun’s the man to talk to.

Shaun Smith – is THE Debt Collector.

Shaun Smith lives in a world very view of us ever see. It’s a world where the normal rules don’t apply, where people desperate for help reach out to someone who they know can deliver. Shaun does things simply. If someone owes you money and they are in the wrong then he is the person to talk to. There’s never anything illegal, he may fly close to the wire but never under or over. It’s all legit. Take the premiership football manager who called him in to help when his wayward son rang foul of hard ass money lenders. Shaun was the last resort to save the manager’s son, not some restraining order to keep the bad guys at bay. The little building company ripped off by one of the biggest firms in Britain, sending his company to the wall before Shaun was called in to try and save him from ruin.

The Debt Collector is the first instalment in the story of Shaun Smith’s life.

Since Vice TV did their fly-on-the-wall documentary on his life as a debt collector more than 22.5 million people around the world have tuned in to see his exploits. It stands as one of the channel’s biggest ever viewing productions and testament to the interest in this genre.

For the first time The Debt Collector reveals the real Shaun Smith. Yes, he’s Britain’s toughest debt collector but he’s a man with humour and courage, a man who loves his family and his friends, a man who just likes to see things done right.

Shaun’s lived his life one way: don’t take the proverbial, if you do then you’ll pay.

Our Services

Shaun and his highly skilled team offer a first class service on all of the following..

Shaun Smith will assess and undertake all aspects of debt including :
• Commercial
• Personal
• Court Judgements
If necessary Shaun will carry out a full investigation on the debtor and produce an in-depth report.

Shaun Smith provides Personal Protection including :
• Corporate Events
• Personal Appearances
• VIP Protection e.g. Footballers and TV Personalities

Shaun Smith can provide a wide range of security including :
• Construction Sites
• Licensed Premises
• Retail Centres and Individual Shops
• Leisure and Sports Events
• Retail Centres and Offices
• Mobile Patrols and Emergency Response
• Guard Dogs with Handlers

Shaun Smith provides all aspects of Private Investigation including :
• Matrimonial relationship
• Corporate and Commercial
• Tracing and Locate Services
• Document Signing
• Taking Witness Statements

Shaun Smith will serve the following to name but a few :
• Claim Forms
• Applications
• Witness summons
• Statuary Demands
• Court Orders
• Witness Statements
• Notice Seeking Possession
• Bankruptcy Petitions
• Winding up orders

Shaun Smith will seek and recover all types of assets including :
• Vehicles
• Equipment
• Office Equipment
• Machinery
• Heavy Plant
Shaun can also collect assets on behalf of
• Liquidators
• Insurance Companies
• Finance Companies

Shaun Smith provides all aspects of Surveillance including :
• Covert
• Static targets such as properties or Mobile targets (Foot, Vehicle or Public Transport)
Shaun offers a discreet service meaning the subjects will be unaware.

Electronic Counter Surveillance

Shaun Smith is proud to announce that we have acquired a dedicated specialist electronic counter surveillance team.


We are the only one of its kind in the country to offer this service which can be customised to your bespoke needs. Our service prides itself on being the number one when it comes to confidentiality and being discreet when carrying out any of our services. We operate to the highest standards and offer our services to customers right through from private individuals to corporate entities. You are our priority.

Shaun and his dedicated specialist team offer Electronic Counter Surveillance for the following :

• Houses
• Landline Telephones
• Mobile Commmunicates
• Vehicles / Con
• Covert Systems
• Electronic Vehicle Tracking
• Covert Surveillance Systems
• Mobile Commmunicates

Get in touch if you would like to know more about this service.


Here are just a few comments from our very happy customers

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1. We agree to notify Shaun Smith immediately of any monies received by ourselves in respect of this account.

2. Any payment made after Shaun Smith have been instructed is attributable to his action and commission will be payable accordingly, whether payment is made to Shaun Smith or ourselves.

3. Shaun Smith will collect and forward monies monthly nett of the agreed commission & VAT.

4. Shaun Smith reserve the right to cease action at any stage.

5. Shaun Smith reserve the right to make a cancellation charge if a case is withdrawn after Shaun Smith have started action. This clause does not negate any liability under clause 2

6. Commission rates will vary depending on the nature and the amount of debt. An individual quotation will be given when Shaun Smith and his legal team have assessed the debt.

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